Better late than never

People general wishes are healthy and (un)comfortable life. Healthy life comes from uncomfortable life. Testimonials are, as a baby without crying we won’t get what we desire. As a student without hard work we won’t get first grade. As a player without bruises and sweats we can’t win the game. So uncomfortable life always gives us pleasure. Example, waking up early to reach office on time will make us stay cool. Health is more important to catch our fish (goal). So to keep us healthy, live and enjoy in between your works, like taking a small break to play with children, watching animals and natures wonders, reading nice books,and let your friends and family laugh at your stupid actions. Always engaging us in uncomfortable actions will make us healthy.

Come on. better late than never, get up from your sofas or bed, get out invite people with smile, share what we should do to avoid the situations what happened recently in Tamil Nadu flood. Contribute and make some good to happen around you now, always, to make our lives better and better. Move around, likeminded people are nearer to you, no need to search them, share your views, ideas, the world conspires when you have an idea. If you would like to make some change then please post your comments we will do together.


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